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What is Racism?


Race can be defined as:

"A classification system used to categorise humans into distinct populations or groups by anatomical, cultural, ethnic, genetic, geographical, historical, linguistic, religious, and/or social affiliation.”


Racism can be defined as:

“The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”


When a group of people are labeled according to a certain religious belief or affiliation and their access to public services, jobs, livelihoods and social freedoms are denied or restricted on the basis of this belief or affiliation this is racism.

Truth Sometimes Hurts

12th June 2015

Over the past few months more and more of Tenzin Peljor's lies have gradually been exposed in various articles. Most recently evidence showed that he is intertwined with the 'York Johns' persona, a character created in the early days of his activist work for the Dalai Lama's government, the Central Tibetan Authority (CTA).

Tenzin claims that he's just a normal ex-member of the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT) and that his activism is entirely independent. In reality though he was never part of mainstream NKT activities, instead he followed a rogue NKT teacher based in Berlin, Carola Däumichen.

Carola created a personality cult which fostered students unquestioning devotion to her over and above the teachings of the NKT. Her behaviour became so extreme she was eventually expelled from the NKT and took several of her close students with her, including Tenzin.

Whilst Tenzin vociferously attacks the NKT with numerous websites he has never shown the same animosity towards Carola, yet she was his main influence in the time he was an NKT member. The cult like treatment he claims to have received came directly from Carola and her personal style, not the NKT, so why is he such a prominent, almost fanatical, activist against the NKT itself?

The reason, as explained previously is because his activism is part of his work for the Dalai Lama's government, the CTA. In 2006 Tenzin was ordained by the Dalai Lama in India and very soon afterwards began to work for them in Dharamsala.

Having had some experience of the NKT Tenzin was a powerful tool for the CTA. He could persuade other ex-members to speak out against the NKT and build an opposition to them.

Why did he do this instead of speaking out and campaigning against Carola Däumichen?

Simply because the NKT were involved in protesting against the Dalai Lama's ban and discrimination towards Shugden Buddhists. Carola was getting on with her personality cult so she posed no threat to the CTA. By speaking out publicly against the Dalai Lama the NKT did pose a threat to them.


The 6 Year Itch

One of the more obvious anomalies with Tenzin's activism is the large gap between his leaving the NKT and his online activism. He left in 2000 and posted a few comments in various online forums about his displeasure with them. However, immediately after his ordination from the Dalai Lama his activism skyrocketed.

In 2006 he started to try and manipulate any Wikipedia entries related to them, in 2007 he established the "survivors" group and persuaded Carol McQuire to leave the NKT. In 2008 he began establishing his own websites to attack the NKT and used Carol to influence the religious research group INFORM in the UK.

In just 2 years Tenzin went from a little online criticism of the NKT to running websites, forums, and trying to influence the media and research groups. All of this began just after he took ordination and started to work for the CTA.

As explained in this article his online activism for the CTA also bore alarming similarities with the same methods modern intelligence officers use, as revealed by Edward Snowden.

Tenzin had been in a cult, but it wasn't the NKT. He was a member of Carola's personality cult, yet his online activism is against the NKT, not Carola. When the NKT expelled Carola for her extreme behaviour Tenzin followed her, and then 6 years later he began a serious online campaign against the NKT just after starting to work for the CTA in India.

It is clear from this that the motivation for his activism against the NKT is related to their involvement in protests against the Dalai Lama rather than his experiences with them.


Nailing Jelly to the Wall

Tenzin is notoriously difficult to pin down. He hides behind multiple false identities, some with elaborately manufactured histories. In researching his activism there are far more parallels between Tenzin and espionage than monasticism.

So far I have shown that he uses the following false identities: York Johns, Losang Tashi, and Mick Jackman. Undoubtedly this is the tip of the iceberg for if someone has gone to the lengths of creating 3 false identities then in all likelihood they will have created several more.

Tenzin recently admitted that he created a fake Facebook account under the Mick Jackman persona mainly to deceive US media outlets. He presents himself to the media as an independent expert on Tibetan Buddhism under the name Tenzin Peljor or Michael Jäckel. He then comments on articles using one of several false identities, in this case Mick Jackman.

Why does a monk and self-proclaimed expert on Tibetan Buddhism feel the need to lie and deceive the media if what he's saying is the truth?


Working in Dharamsala

In late 2014 Tenzin announced he was going to India for several months to engage in retreat and would be offline. He said he would be unable to maintain his website whilst there as he would have no internet access.

In early January 2015 he said he had some limited internet access for a few days and uploaded two articles to one of his websites.



In reality Tenzin was working at the CTA's main offices in Dharamsala. He was there because the Dalai Lama's tour of the US in late 2014 had failed to keep a lid on the protests. The Dalai Lama had received punishing media coverage about the ban and the CTA were struggling to keep it quiet.

A previous article exposed how Tenzin remained online when he said publicly he had no internet access. Despite showing he had lied about his time in India he dismissed this by claiming that he had some occasional access to internet cafes.

However Tenzin had more than just some occasional access to internet cafes, he was designing and developing websites while he claimed he was in retreat and offline.

In January and February 2015 Tenzin posted several messages, using his "Mick" persona, to an online web designers forum asking for help with some projects he was working on. The questions were highly specific and related to design software that was on Tenzin's computer. The image below shows one such topic which Tenzin started in February 2015:



This proves that whilst claiming he was on retreat Tenzin was in fact engaged in designing websites. The software "BRM" and "LSM" that he refers to are products that must be installed into Adobe Dreamweaver, a professional and very expensive web design program. Another topic he initiated in February 2015 is shown below:



His other comments show that he was also testing them across multiple devices such as iPads to ensure they worked properly.



One of the projects he was working on with the CTA was a redesign of his info-buddhism website as the image below shows. This also proves that the websites Tenzin claims are independent are actually developed in consultation with the CTA as this was being redesigned in February 2015 whilst he was in India.



This evidence supports the claims that Tenzin was working for the CTA to develop their online strategies against the International Shugden Community protests. It also proves that he took his laptop with him to India because that was where his copy of Adobe Dreamweaver with the BRM, LSM and FSS products was installed.

For reference BRM is Background Rotator Magic, LSM is Light Show Magic, and FSS is Full Screen Slideshow. All are products designed by Project Seven, a company that specialises in web design software that can only be used with Adobe Dreamweaver.

If you were heading to India to do retreat and expected to be completely offline why would you take your computer with you? In particular why take the computer with very expensive software on it that was essential for your web design work?

Why was Tenzin designing websites in January and February when he said he was on retreat and offline?

If Tenzin is credible and truthful then why does he feel the need to maintain multiple false identities?

What was Tenzin really doing in India at the start of 2015?

Yet again Tenzin's public statements aren't backed up with any factual evidence. His claims to be independent are nothing more than lies. He was clearly engaged in designing websites whilst in India rather than being on retreat. Is it just a coincidence that the CTA's main offices are in India, like every other coincidence surrounding Tenzin's online activism?

Quite how he expects to maintain any semblance of credibility with the media when he has been shown to lie so frequently is beyond me. I would find it easier to trust the word of Andy Coulson than Tenzin right now.

When investigating a situation and you discover that certain things don't add up there's usually a good reason. In Tenzin's case why are there so many discrepancies? What is he trying to hide?


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