Are Buddhsist Racist

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What is Racism?


Race can be defined as:

"A classification system used to categorise humans into distinct populations or groups by anatomical, cultural, ethnic, genetic, geographical, historical, linguistic, religious, and/or social affiliation.”


Racism can be defined as:

“The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”


When a group of people are labeled according to a certain religious belief or affiliation and their access to public services, jobs, livelihoods and social freedoms are denied or restricted on the basis of this belief or affiliation this is racism.

Proof the Ban Exists


What is a ban?

What is a ban and how does it differ from advice. This is one of the main ways the Dalai Lama tries to avoid explaining his involvement in this sorry state of affairs.

The Ban Exists

In addition to the wealth of documentary evidence that supports the protesters claims of a ban Dr Robert Barnett of Columbia University, New York confirmed the ban exists.

A Ban in Certain Quarters

This takes a closer look at the meaning of Dr Barnett's phrase, 'a ban in certain quarters' in relation to the forced expulsion of Shugden Buddhists from the Tibetan government.

Proof the Dalai Lama lied

In May 2014 the Dalai Lama claimed that he had never made any decision banning Dorje Shugden. We take a look at how this claim is impossible given his position in exile politics.

Religious Discrimination

Prior to 1996 Shugden Buddhists were considered a normal part of Tibetan society, making up approximately 30% of the population. This takes a quick look at how they are treated now.

Suja School Talk

This is an English translation of Samdhong Rinpoche's talk to school children about Shugden Buddhists. He explains why they are segregated and not part of mainstream society.


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