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Desperate Dalai Lama Seeks Cancer Cure

26th May 2018

Ever since the Dalai Lama was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2015 he's been in a race to simultaneously battle cancer and resolve his issues with the Chinese government before his time runs out.

Despite numerous trips to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for a variety of cutting edge treatments, such as proton beam therapy, his cancer has become progressively worse. Spreading beyond his prostate gland it began to attack other parts of his body, notably his back and colon.

Several surgeries later and the Dalai Lama has a permanent colostomy bag due to having sections of his bowel and intestines removed and is on a daily diet of strong opioid painkillers. So strong in fact that he's now addicted to opioids.

With his cancer in its final stages doctors at the Mayo Clinic have advised the Dalai Lama only to seek palliative care, but despite the proclamations that his cancer is incurable the eternal optimist in him continues a desperate search to find a cure.


The Power of Prayer

Just 2 days ago, on 24th May, prayer ceremonies were taking place throughout India to try and extend the life of the Dalai Lama. On Thursday morning the Dalai Lama himself led the long life prayers at Tsuglagkhang.

This prayer ceremony, called Guru Bumtsok, was first held on June 29th 2017 and was designed to be an annual ceremony to pray for the Dalai Lama not to die. This year's ceremony took place one month early due to the deterioration of the Dalai Lama's health and the fear that he may soon die.

One of the organisers of the prayer ceremony said that it was decided to hold the prayers early because of an, "advisory from various Tibetan spiritual masters", who are seriously concerned about the Dalai Lama's health.

The Dalai Lama's latest attempt to cure his cancer will take him all the way to Lithuania and Latvia over the next 3 weeks, provided he's still able to travel by private jet.

Under the smokescreen of a teaching tour the Dalai Lama will visit Vilnius, Lithuania on June 13-14th and then travel on to Riga, Latvia from June 15-18th. What makes these two locations unique is that they are home to two new and unconventional alternative cancer treatments.

What's also unusual is that on March 22nd the Dalai Lama cancelled all of his overseas trips citing age and exhaustion. One of those trips was to give teachings in Australia in June.

Less than 3 weeks after cancelling his trips he was then suddenly healthy enough to travel and teach. However, rather than keeping his commitment to teach in Australia he chose instead to travel to Lithuania and Latvia in June.

It's no coincidence that both countries have radical cancer treatments available in them and that the specialist centres are a few short miles away from his teaching venues.



Vilnius is home to Froceth, "the first and only biotechnology company in Lithuania manufacturing advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) individually for each patient".

Froceth produce bespoke cancer therapies that claim to be successful in treating prostate cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, such as in the Dalai Lama's case.

Their laboratory, situated less than 3 miles from the venue the Dalai Lama will teach at on June 14th, specialises in producing, "anti-cancer vaccines". The vaccine is specific to each patient and is produced by taking blood, "from the patient and then converting it into dendritic cells in the laboratory" which are then the, "active ingredient" in their vaccine.

They combine this treatment with cytokine-induced killer cell (CIK) treatment which they describe as:

"During the procedure, the lymphocytes found in the donor’s body, one of the most abundant immune cells, are isolated and separated from the remaining blood components and transformed into CIK cells. Upon entering the patient’s body, CIKs immediately travel to the tumour site and begin killing cancer cells."

Agnė Vaitkevičienė, the co-founder of Froceth gave a keynote speech at MedXion, a recent medical conference in Vilnius entitled, "How we can Cure Cancer". Bold claims from Agnė who admitted that the vast majority of Froceth's patients come from overseas to Lithuania for treatment.

In 2010 the FDA approved the first cancer treatment vaccine for use in US patients with prostate cancer that had spread to other parts of their body, Provenge. In clinical trials Provenge was shown to extend the life of patients by about 4 months. Provenge is made by Dendreon Pharmaceuticals LLC, head-quartered in Seattle.

Froceth on the other hand are only approved within Lithuania and their research showing the effectiveness of anti-cancer vaccines is based on injecting mice with tissue from chicken and rat embryos.

Nevertheless, according to a senior member of the Central Tibetan Administration, the Dalai Lama is scheduled to receive treatment for his cancer from Froceth when he visits Vilnius in June.

When asked about these claims Froceth declined to comment.



The Dalai Lama's next stop after Lithuania is Riga, Latvia which is home to the Riga Virus, or RigVir cancer treatment. RigVir is a controversial Latvia-developed virotherapy treatment for cancer. It is claimed to target cancer cells specifically whilst leaving healthy cells untouched.

Latvian broadcaster LSM stated, "Opponents say Rigvir was approved for the treatment of melanoma only on the basis of clinical trials that might not meet modern standards and that there is no clinical evidence for Rigvir's effectiveness fighting other cancers. Some will go further and say the whole thing is little more than a scam offering quack cures to desperate patients in fear of their lives."

RigVir is commonly used in the Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic in Riga to treat a wide range of cancers including prostate cancer that has spread to other parts of the body.

Sources have confirmed that the Dalai Lama is heading to Latvia to, "try and find a cure for his cancer". However when asked for comment the CEO of the Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic, Jānis Dobelis, stated that he could not comment on patients due to confidentiality issues.

Whether either of these treatments will do anything to extend the Dalai Lama's life is unclear, but one thing is certain, there is overwhelming pressure on him and his government to reach some compromise with China now. This explains his recent attempts to appease the Chinese and Lobsang Sangay's call for Tibetans to help him go back to Tibet before it's too late.



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